Printed Paper Sample Book *Vol.1

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Handmade Using scrap papers!

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Touch, Feel, Look, Compare 
This hand made sample book was made for those with questions like 'How will my colors look on Printed?', or 'I wonder how each paper prints?', or even 'what does this paper feel like?'.

Quickly reference what you want
Use this book to help you pick the best papers or coatings for your projects! Easily disassemble the binding to apply the stickers, or place a paper on a wall to see how it looks across the room & put back together later. Quickly test color swatches in your program of choice by typing in the numbers provided on the swatch and comparing the print to your screen.  

Made with repurposed paper!
This Printed Paper Feel Guide is made using scrap paper from past orders that would normally be paper waste! Now we can all help keep unused high-end paper from the landfill with every order we receive, all while giving it new life in our sample books.

Cover is made using color scrap papers and is printed using our Risograph duplicator from 1992 (RC6300) using soy &/or rice based inks & colors may vary from batches!

*We made this book with you in mind!*
We want everybody to be comfortable and confident in their choices and proud of what they invest in. 

So we made a resource that feels familiar & is easily used any time you need.  

Ideas for how to use

01. Easily input the colors swatches in the book onto your file to compare how it looks 
02. See & Feel the papers texture 
03. Look at the print details with micro printers marks
04. View line & font point sizes 
05. Test durability against moisture or scratches
06. Try out your edition signing with pencils, pens, markers
07. View pure RGB, CMYK, and one Pantone swatch 
08. Use as a project reference to choose the best paper for you 

Info For Humans

01. 3.5 x 8.5 inches with 0.25" rounded corners & a Chicago screw binding post
02. Risograph printed cover
03. Sample art & page design by Tom the Print Master
04. Printed in RGB, CMYK, & Spot Risograph ink

Page Contents

01. Rough Watercolor
02. True Watercolor
03. Cold Press Watercolor
04. Velvet Rag
05. Gloss Promo Card 2 Sided
06. Silk Promo Card 2 Sided
07. Recycled Kaft Card 2 Sided
08. Gloss Coated Vinyl Sticker
09. Matte Silk Coated Vinyl Sticker 
10. Matte & Anti-slip Removable vinyl sticker
11. Free exclusive ‘print never died’ rectangle sticker

Free shipping!:
Seriously! It's absolutely free
Using scrap papers!