Printed Paper Sample Book *Vol.1

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Handmade Using scrap papers!

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Touch, Feel, Look, Compare 

This hand made sample book was made for those with questions of 'How will my colors look on Printed?' or 'I wonder how each paper prints?'.

This book is your answer! With four giclée papers, three promo papers, gloss and matte silk stickers & even the new removable stickers too! You will be able to see in house made art and color selections in either RGB or CMYK so you can punch in those numbers on your screen to see how those prints compare. 

This printed paper feel guide is made using scrap paper from past orders that would normally be waste so we can keep unused high-end paper from the landfill, while giving it new life. The cover is made using scrap papers and is printed using our Risograph duplicator from 1992 (RC6300) using soy & rice based inks so cover colors may vary from batches!

Contains one sheet of each: Rough Watercolor, True Watercolor, Cold Press Watercolor, Velvet rag, Gloss 2 sided promo, Silk 2 sided promo, Recycled Kraft promo, gloss sticker, matte silk sticker, & matte anti-slip removable sticker/ floor graphic.
Comes with a free sticker to put wherever you'd like too!

Book Artwork Credit: Tom the owner

Free shipping!:
Seriously! It's absolutely free
Using scrap papers!