Junior's Pizza Exclusives

Both teal and pink t shirt options for Junior's Pizza featuring the Junior's neon sign, up close to see vintage texture applied to the print

Junior's Pizza Neon Sign Tee

Icy Beer and Fresh SlicesInspired by 1950s diners, Junior's neon sign at Junior's Pizza is impossible to miss. It's becoming so iconic they aren't edited from the background of filming that takes place in the Summerhill neighborhood of Atlanta, GA. Show...
Junior's Pizza tank top in teal and pink featuring Junior's Neon Sign

Junior's Pizza Neon Tank

A Large Cheese Pizza Just For Me!Support one of our favorite local Atlanta pizza shops, who's neon is so iconic they leave it in the background of movies and TV shows. Located in the Summerhill neighborhood, be sure to stop by for a slice and a cold...
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