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We started Split Arrow Print House to assist all artists of any level achieve professional & high quality printed merchandise that fit seamlessly into the retail environment.

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Steps for Successful Files

Steps for Successful Files

Getting it right the first time is one of our top goals for new clients. Set your art up so it is ready to be printed and sold without the hassle of sending it back and forth 8372394 times. Just run through these few simple steps and you're good to go!First, some terminology! Bleed: typically the most exterior part of the file, that is intended to be cut off to insure no weird white edges or lose…
Bleeds, what are they and why does everyone need one?

Bleeds, what are they and why does everyone need one?

You always see & hear the term "bleed" when it comes to printed work, let's walk through what the hell we are talking about.What is a bleed?There are a couple of different types of bleed. A full image bleed is when the background or the edge of your file extends past the final cut size. A text safety is an interior buffer from the final print size that keeps all text or important imagery a safe di…