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Detail of Cowboy Frog print, showing yellow soft print and sheen on garment

Cowboy Frog Tank

Yee Haw, Ribbit!Who doesn't love frogs and cowboys? What about a cowboy frog? This tank is a feminine cut that is so silky soft and flowy, featuring a hard working cowboy who's just trying to be the fastest gun slinger on the lily pad. This lil guy comes...
Full back print view on Eat the Rich hoodie of tibetan tiger rug, hood pulled up to not obstruct view of back print. Worn on male model

Eat The Rich Hoodie

Eat the Rich!Sometimes the French get it right, and we should bring back the guillotines! The 1% is garbage and what a better way to remind everyone than a comfy zip up hoodie with a cute little cat head on the front. The back print is inspired by...
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Full back of Eat the Rich t shirt on female model, partial view of tibetan tiger rug design on back

Eat The Rich Tee

Eat the Rich!People like Jeff and Elon are garbage and hoard an unnecessary amount of wealth. Our solution? Sautee them up with some onions and mushrooms, maybe a nice wine sauce. The back print is inspired by Tibetan tiger rugs that are notorious for...
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All four Hogwarts houses physical education sweatshirt in designated house colors

Hogwarts Athletics Sweater

Accio Your Next Favorite Sweatshirt!Ever wonder if Hogwarts has a gym class? Us too! Support your house colors and a false sense of athleticism, these cozy drop shoulder crew neck sweatshirts are a perfect edition for any Potterhead! Wear it out on a...
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Both teal and pink t shirt options for Junior's Pizza featuring the Junior's neon sign, up close to see vintage texture applied to the print

Junior's Pizza Neon Sign Tee

Icy Beer and Fresh SlicesInspired by 1950s diners, Junior's neon sign at Junior's Pizza is impossible to miss. It's becoming so iconic they aren't edited from the background of filming that takes place in the Summerhill neighborhood of Atlanta, GA. Show...
Junior's Pizza tank top in teal and pink featuring Junior's Neon Sign

Junior's Pizza Neon Tank

A Large Cheese Pizza Just For Me!Support one of our favorite local Atlanta pizza shops, who's neon is so iconic they leave it in the background of movies and TV shows. Located in the Summerhill neighborhood, be sure to stop by for a slice and a cold...
Full back view of Out of Ink tee, inspired by old social clubs featuring a large skull design

Out of Ink Skull Tee

Ever Just Try to Print One Thing and Can't Because Cyan is Out?The low ink club is a club dedicated to the feeling of when you go to print and the machines revolt against you. From paper jams, low inks, out of inks, nozzle clogs and more. If there were...
Full back view of Print Like You Give a Shit baseball tee, tri blend with blue sleeves and heather white center featuring America traditional tattoo inspired snake and slogan on back

Print Like You Give a Shit Baseball Tee

The Slogan that Started it all!Nothing is as eye-catching as a slogan with a swear word in it! The slogan that helped build our print company to show how much we care about you and your printed needs. Support your favorite print shop with this amazingly...
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Partial View of back print on Burgundy Print lIke You Give A Shit Coaches Jacket, featuring social club inspired placement and america traditional tattoo inspired snake

Shop Slogan Coaches Jacket

Tag Me in, Coach!Honestly between the snake and a swear word, this jacket is really cool and not in your face with branding. The slogan that helped build our print company to show how much we care about you and your printed needs, and the snake gives it...
Back of snake t shirt inspired by Armund Dietzel, showing placement and size of back design

Snake Tee

Classic Snake for a Classic Human!When we started Split Arrow, we were originally focusing on tattooers since there was such a gap in the market for them to get their flash/paintings printed with people who understand their language. This tee features a...
Full front photo of Wash Your Hands tee with mask and gloves, remembering a early COVID world where people were still concerned about spreading germs.

Wash Your Hands Tee

Viruses Run Amok With Dirty Hands!Even in a post lockdown world, people still seem to need a reminder to wash their hands! This ultra soft triblend white heather tee is inspired by your favorite carry out bags. While a lot people have moved on from...
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