Unprinted Paper Feeling Guide

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Eco-conscious Made using scrap papers!

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Feel the difference!
Ever wanted to just feel those classic giclée papers before you commit? or want to check out the other papers so you can change up your print game?
This unprinted paper feel guide is for you! You can finally see all of our current giclée paper offering all in one spot so you can feel the difference.

This giclée paper feel guide is unprinted & made using scrap paper from past orders that would normally be waste so we can keep unused high-end paper from the landfill, while giving it new life. The cover is made using scrap and is printed using our antique Risograph from 1992 using soy & rice based inks so cover colors may vary from batches!

Contains one sheet of each: rough watercolor, true watercolor, cold press watercolor,& velvet rag!

Free shipping!:
On this booklet
Made using scrap papers!