Make Ukiyo-e Rice Prints

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Real Printmaking Texture From the Olden Days
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Hop in your time machine 
Start up the DeLorean and send it to 88mph! We’re going straight to the 17th century. Your art prints on this paper will have the traditional look and feel of Japanese woodblock prints, with the same delicate and soft washi papers printmakers have used for thousands of years.

Texture your customers won’t stop dreaming about
Guaranteed to make everybody jealous of your art prints. Perfect for photography, illustration, limited edition band posters, and tattoo art. This paper will fit perfectly with any art style that demands paper just as nice as the art you make. 

*Pronounced “yoo-kee-oh-ey” &/or “oo-kee-yaw-e”*

Photo Art Credit: Chris Snyder

Info For Humans

01. Museum quality archival (ISO 9706)
02. Traditional printmaking texture
03. Ultra-Light rollable weight 100 GSM
04. 100% Alpha cellulose 
05. 12 color archival pigment ink
06. Printed in the RBG color space 
07. Prints over 17 inches on any side are hand cut
08. Made using custom ICC color profiles at ΔE1
09. Grain / Texture Direction May Vary Between Sizes 

File Information to Keep Things Smooth

01. RGB files preferred
02. 300 dpi resolution minimum 
03. File types accepted: PDF | TIFF | PSD | JPEG | AI 
04. 1/8th inch bleed recommended for all full bleed prints
05. Variance may occur with printing & cutting +/- 2mm maximum from file edge
06. Safety zone recommend for all text & logos of 1/8th inch

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