Low Ink Club Vinyl Sticker

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free to join the club just watch out for low ink
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Ever go to print and the inks out? Join the low ink club.
The low ink club is a club dedicated to the feeling of when you go to print and the machines revolt against you.
From paper jams, low ink, out of ink warnings that won't go away, nozzle clogs, full maintenance cartridges, crashed print heads, & everything out of alignment!

If there were to ever be a robot revolution it would be led by the humble household all-in-one printer. 

Photo Art Credit: Tom The Printmaster

Info For Humans

01. LARGE Sticker at 5 inches high 
02. Water proof vinyl 
03. Weather proof coating
04. UV blocking gloss or matte laminate 
05. Permanent adhesive 
06. Leaves no paper residue behind
07. Made in house

free to join the club:
just watch out for low ink
Ships free:
as it should be