No gods * No Sponsors Button 3 Pack

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No gods No Sponsors
Tell Giant corporations To eat it

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We hate fake corporate sponsors! That's why we have none! & you don't need them either!
We built our shop by ourselves & you build your self up the same way, We love that!

There's no better message to these corporate hands-in-the-pot than letting them know you're self made and don't need their influence, THEY NEED YOURS!

Our No gods no sponsors button packs are printed with Risograph green rice bran based inks on a light green paper for that perfect tone-on-tone look.

Each of these packs may have slight variations from the next due to the risograph printing process! But that just adds to the fun! 

Details: Each pack contains 3 risograph printed 1" copper-pin back buttons. 
Shipping: Every pack ships free! 

No gods:
No Sponsors
Tell Giant corporations:
To eat it