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Concerned about color matching?
Use this ICC Profile to match your print file on your screen without ever sending it to print first. Freeing you to make your print color accurate on your own. Saving your time & money.

So WTF is an ICC Profile Anyways?
As we all have experienced, some colors on digital software say they are ‘screen only’! Or your bright colors might print dull if not made in the correct color space. These issues are annoying and causes unneeded headaches in printing! But easily fixed.  

By applying the profile to your file, you can see how your print file will look on the paper (textures excluded) & if there will be any slight color shifts on your file, allowing you to make corrections on the fly, or even draw your digital art under the profile & get the color you want without worrying about wasted print runs or wasted money. 

Made To Match
All of our profiles we sell are the exact ones we use to print your artwork. We use a high end Color Spectrophotometer in house at 2.5K+ Color Patches, generating a custom & highly accurate profile at ≦ΔE1 (Delta E 1 maximum color tolerance). This allows us to have the most accurate color matches possible from your file to our screens to our printers to our papers every time. Even with re-orders!

*Applying profiles will shift your file into the RGB Color Space* 

What do I use an ICC for?

01. Seeing your art how we see & print it
02. To design with a paper in mind from the start
03. Predicting how crazy colors will look
04. Making sure your file matches your prints on your own
05. Saving time and money when color accuracy matters
06. Match the True Watercolor Paper accurately before hitting print

What programs / apps can I use these on?

01. Adobe Photoshop
02. Procreate 
03. Adobe Illustrator
04. Clip Studio Paint
05. AutoDesk Sketchbook
06. + many more

Helpful Resources for Everybody

  • Learn more about ICC Profiles & why they’re important here *Coming soon*
  • Still need help installing? Try this Ebook *Coming soon*
Digital Download:
No shipping needed!