*Vintage e-book* Repair & technical Manual for The Riso RC6300

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Learn about repairing a printer older than google!
This e-book is for the RC6300 Risograph single color duplicator made from 1992-1995. 
Inside this book you will find tons of wiring diagrams, schematics, & error codes for this vintage 1992 printer. This exact manual is often referred to as the "repair manual" or "technical manual" but it covers a bit of both throughout its pages. 

An absolute must have e-book for understanding the ins and outs of this risograph duplicator, or a fun vintage book for your digital collection.

Feel free to use this book even if you don't have personal access to a printer like this for your personal reference, inspiration, or learning. & if you're nerdy like us you'll love all the vintage and obsolete tricks in using a printer without a computer. 


01. 60 pages covering repair & technical information for a 1992 risograph
02. From 1992
03. Covers: mechanical overviews, wiring diagrams, schematics, error codes & more
04. PDF Format e-book
05. This is not a physical product! But you already knew that!

*Please Note*

Split Arrow Print House did NOT create this book! Being copy-written in 1992 its distribution is part of fair use & of the archive of the amazing printers we own, rebuilt & use. 

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No shipping needed!
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Vintage printer manual