*Vintage e-book* Computer Interface Publisher System Risograph Accessory Manual

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Learn about the Risograph Computer Interface Accessory
[Riso computer interface CI 300]

This e-book is an absolute gem from the mid 90's! Not only does this book cover the Risograph computer interface accessory but also covers how to use a computer, what a mouse is, labs and quizzes, & more. 

If you are interested in DOS, old PC, old Macintosh computers, or just old technology worked this book is a must have for your digital collection.

Feel free to use this e-book to take a blast from the past & learn about 1990's computing & printing, as inspiration, or making fun of your parents. 

The associated physical accessory is digital manual was to allow the Risograph RC6300 to connect to a computer for the use of scanning, printing from network, & document creation. All previously not features of the RC6300 Risograph duplicator. 

Watch the video/ Advertisement from the 90's
The RISO Publisher "We're Duplicating Excellence"


01. 176 pages
02. From 1995
03. Covers: the Computer Interface for mac & pc, how to use a computer, & the publishing system
04. PDF Format e-book
05. This is not a physical product! But you already knew that!

*Please Note*

Split Arrow Print House did NOT create this book! Being copy-written in 1995 its distribution is part of fair use & of the archive of the amazing printers we own, rebuilt & use. 

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