Cootie Catcher & Fortune Teller Template Digital Download

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Make A Cute Throwback Paper Craft!
For all your cootie catching & fortune telling needs! Hop in a time mechine to the back row of any grade school classroom and make yourself this classic paper craft. Use them to find out who you'll end up with, for valentines day, or even weddings and event favors. We've even made some to help choose what tattoo to get!

House Made Template Built To Work
This is the same template we use in house when building our cootie catcher examples & freebees!

What's Inside?

01. 7.5x7.5" Templates in AI, PSD, & Procreate
02. 8.5x8.5" Templates in AI, PSD, & Procreate
03. Print it yourself at home 8.5x11 Template in JPEG For Anybody to use!
04. Procreate Stack Cover for Organizaion
05. A Pre-made example of one we made!

Info For Humans

01. Ready to use, print, & fold!
02. Works for Riso Printing Too! 
03. Download all or just the ones you neeed!
04. Use with Procreate, Photoshop, Illustrator, or even print it from your phone!
05. The exact templates we use in house

Completly free:
As it should be!
Digital Download:
No shipping Needed!