Perfect Is Boring Risograph Art Print

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Riso printed Each one is unique

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The secret to perfection is just being done. To chase perfection is to chase a ghost, once you think you have it in you hands, it disappears. 
For the love of all things intentional errors, textures, wabi-sabi & funky this two color print will be the perfect reminder and motivation to let things be what they want and to love everything for it's imperfect and unique qualities. 

Printed on our Japanese 1992 risograph rc6300 printer in a two spot color inks on French Paper Co. Paper.

*Risograph Printed*
Each print may have slight variations from the next due to the risograph printing process! But that just adds to the fun!

Art Credit: Tom The Printmaster

Specifications for Nerds Like Us

01. Frame-able size 11x14"
02. Risograph printed in two colors
03. First edition of 10 prints
04. Comes with a certificate of authenticity
05. 80lb white colored paper
06. Made & designed in house
07. Ships Free

Ingredients: soy bean oil &/or rice bran oil, paper, time, & love

Riso printed:
Each one is unique