Limited Edition 3D Eat the Rich Button 3 Pack

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We're no fan of billionaires & neither are you
Limited Edition Get them before your friends do

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No better way to show your passion for wealth distribution 

Limited edition 3 pack variant of our high-vis Eat the Rich button pack.
Made by accident in the print lab to a great effect we fell in love with.
Make sure to tell Jeffery B to shove it daily by rocking these Fluorescent pink & medium blue rice bran ink printed buttons on a base white paper. 

Each of these packs may have slight variations from the next due to the risograph printing process! But that just adds to the fun! 

Details: Each pack contains 3 risograph printed 1" copper-pin back buttons. 
Shipping: Every pack ships free! 

We're no fan of billionaires:
& neither are you
Limited Edition:
Get them before your friends do