Welcome To Our New Website!

Hey Y'all!

As we hit our 4 year shop anniversary, we  were trying to find a better ordering flow. We noticed a lot of clients were having a hard time finding what they wanted on our old site, so we scraped it and started over. This new site offers easier pricing, ordering, and multi-item orders, as well as templates and shop merch!

We are looking forward to grow an artist pro team, offer specials, exclusive prints and new products as we continue to grow. We are so thankful for everyone who has been with us during this long and difficult 4 weeks, but we promise it is all worth it!

Be sure to click around and see what all we have to offer, as we won't be taking email orders unless it is a custom size or quantity order. We are still happy to answer any questions you may have, but we are going to cover some basics now!

Why did you change your prices?

We are needing to grow our team and add new equipment so we can expand and better serve you. We are hoping to get a new space in the next couple of years, potentially working with our artist clients to give them a space to come do some of their art in Atlanta! We want to be able to offer more promotional printed goods, and a wider variety of paper which means we have to increase pricing to cover costs. Our prices are fair to the current market, and we still stand by all of our products. We offered retail suggestion prices for our giclee prints, since it might seem like a lot of front but we know you can make a great profit on them! 

I can buy cheap prints/products elsewhere, why should I pick you?

Our prints are all archival giclee prints, they feel like real paintings and do not fade for at least 100 years. The paper and color matching abilities alone are unmatched compared to cheaper alternatives. Our prints don't have that laser print shine, and you can sell them for a higher value than those shitty office store prints.
Our stickers are a thicker mil than most companies and are outdoor rated, we also offer lower minimums so you don't have to sit on 500 of one design for 2 years. Our stickers are also recommended for retail and not freebies. Most people at conventions come take your sticker and will never hit you up for work. They usually say, "Oh I took it off a table at a convention" and end of discussion. They won't look you up or remember who you are, just another design on their Hydro Flask.
We can't stop you from buying cheap, but it's going to be pretty obvious to your customers that you weren't concerned with the best product, just the cheapest. We take pride in our work and believe that you should Print Like You Give a Shit!

Can I still come to the shop to place an order?

The short answer is no. We have square appointment booking for artwork pick up as well as consultations. We are happy to have people come in and ask questions but since our ordering is primarily online based, it only makes sense to just come ask questions or drop off artwork. We are appointment only in the shop since we are in and out most of the day, so the new appointment booking helps us make sure someone is there to help you! Unfortunately, we do have a missed appointment fee since we have had a number of issues in the past with people not showing up/showing up hours late without notice.

How do I place an order?

It is simple! It's just like any other online experience. However, we do not take file uploads anymore. You have to do . cloud links (i.e. Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, etc).

What are the turnaround times? Did they change?

All of our turn times are the same as before, and each product page has the turn times on them. PLEASE REMEMBER: RUSH ORDER DOES NOT MEAN RUSH SHIPPING! You have to add rush shipping at the check out.

Do you take PayPal?

Yes! We always did but now it is an option at check out! No more aggressive emails from Kat about not sending it via friends and family!

What new stuff can I expect?

We expanded our business card/flyer line, and are working on adding new promo products throughout the month. We also changed our rough watercolor so now it is more scratch resistant! We heard your online complaints and we fixed it while on hiatus.

Are you guys doing any upcoming conventions?

Right now, we are only planning on doing Literary Ink and Hell City Killumbus (maybe Phoenix since August isn't a crazy month for us). We will be offering merch exclusives at both as well as offering more printing/file setup help. We will offer SOME convention delivery, it depends on what exactly the order is.