Yellow Printers Pattern Button 3 Pack

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Every button different! & every pack is one of a kind!

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Made from test prints of the *Official* Split Arrow Pattern!

Show your love for all things print, wildlife, randomness, being weird and proud. Our shop pattern is made to encompass everything we love & everything we represent!
Each of these button packs include a different section of our pattern printed in yellow rice bran based ink from our risogrpah printer made in 1992!

Every pack & every button is different from the next & are randomly shipped and selected 

Each of these packs may have slight variations from the next due to the risograph printing process! But that just adds to the fun! 

Details: Each pack contains 3 risograph printed 1" copper-pin back buttons. 
Shipping: Every pack ships free! 

Remember Each pack is different!

Every button different!:
& every pack is one of a kind!