Basic Shape


angled bumper

Bumper Sticker

Stickers made for your car or somebody else's car. we're not the cops, you can put these bad boy's anywhere you want. We recommend the back of the city bus or on the whip your mom bought for you.  Cut line: We make the cut lines! -...
Uncoated Circle, Artwork by Chris Turner

Circle & Oval Stickers

Exactly like the square and rectangle stickers, but more round, or... completely round! Paper stats: outdoor permanent vinyl, coated in UV blocking gloss (7 mil sticker) or UV blocking matte silk (9mil sticker)  Cut line: We make...
tiger ghost rectangle

Rectangle Sticker

Looks just like a sticker but is a rectangle!Did we really need to write anything here? - yes, yes we did. Cut line: We make the cut lines! - You focus on the design Paper stats: outdoor permanent vinyl, coated in UV blocking gloss (7 mil...
Split arrow square example

Square Sticker

Wait.... Aren't square also rectangles?but rectangles aren't squares! These rectangle-like square stickers are made with our outdoor ready uv blocking vinyl coated in either high shine gloss or matte silk are made to hold up outside, on sign poles, on...
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