Foil Cards

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Thicker Paper Weight! 16 pt Card Stock
Your choice of SIX foil colors!
Pick Your Foil Color None Selected Required
What Type of Corners? None Selected Required
I understand a card proof will be sent to my email in 24-72 hours for approval before printing begins (Mon-Fri Only) Required

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Add some flair to those cards
Humans and crows have a ton in common. We always seem to gather in crowds, most of us enjoy the occasional found snack, And we all love shiny things. Featuring a silk coating and a metallic foil color of your choice, These cards are bound to stand out against the competition with their pop of shine and smooth coating, the look as great as the feel. 

More than a simple business card
Every time somebody sends us an out-of-the-box use for our cards our heart grows three sizes that day. We were built for that and so our cards. We recommend using our cards for anything you can dream of, and not just the classic business card uses.

*Design Tip*
Borders drawing a rectangle around the perimeter [boxed border] are not recommended! 
Due to machine tolerances with printing & cutting, we cannot guarantee completely perfect centering of this type of border design! Please avoid designing this way! 

Photo Art Credit - Red Foil Cards: Nary Huval III
Photo Art Credit - Gold Foil Cards with pins: Psychic Interval Studio

Design Ideas For Your Cards

01. Button & pin packaging/ backing cards
02. Rewards punch cards for your shop
03. Referral information
04. Pocket aftercare cards
05. VIP club cards
06. Coupon cards
07. Small thank you cards for orders
08. Plant or product care cards
09. Classic business cards with your info
10. Clothing or retail tags
11. Or any creative idea that fits the size!

Specifications for Paper Nerds Like Us

01. 16pt card stock 
02. Choice of 6 foil options
03. Choice of corner style (0.25", 0.125", or square)
04. Silk laminated coating
05. CMYK printed
06. This product is made in a partner facility

Layers, Layers, & More Layers

01. Any part of your design that you wish to have foil must be on it’s own layer &/or file
02. Layer must be in 100% Black (100%k)
03. Name layer &/or file accordingly so we can identify it!
*example: Name-Card-Design_Date_Foil-layer.psd*

File Information to Keep Things Smooth

01. CMYK files only
02. 300 dpi resolution minimum 
03. File types accepted: PDF | TIFF | PSD | JPEG | AI 
04. 1/8th inch bleed recommended for all full bleed prints
05. Variance may occur with printing & cutting +/- 2mm maximum from file edge (printer tracking)
06. Safety zone recommend for all text & logos of 1/8th inch

Proofing Information

A digital proof will be sent to you for your approval before printing via email 24-72 hours after ordering during normal business days highlighting where your card interacts with bleed, & safety zones with color coded lines & fields. [color lines & fields on proof will not print on final card]

*Proof must be approved before printing begins*

Helpful Resources for Everybody

Thicker Paper Weight!:
16 pt Card Stock
Your choice:
of SIX foil colors!