Bumper Stickers

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Like Sunblock For Your Sticker Both our Coatings Block UV Rays!
Made to SLAP in the most prime of places
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Keeping the classics alive 
We’ve all heard to argument against tattoos or body art that goes: “Would you put a bumper sticker on a Rolls-Royce would you?!” WELL guess what! YOU BET YOUR ASS WE WOULD! & we want you to know that you can tattoo any car you dream of with your art!

Lets hit the open road
There is nothing more classic that hitting the open road on a trip and reading the most ridiculous nonsense on the back of an old station wagon in front of you. It’s time to add your art to the mix, it belongs there. 

Photo Art Credit: Tom The Printmaster

Specifications for Sticker Nerds Like Us

01. Classic bumper sticker sizes and shapes!
02. Permanent adhesive vinyl
03. UV blocking coating
04. Choice of 7mil Gloss or 9mil Silk matte
05. Water & weather proof
06. Machine cut
07. 12 color archival pigment ink
08. Printed in the RBG color space 

File Information to Keep Things Smooth

01. We make the cut line/s for free for you
02. RGB files preferred
03. 300 dpi resolution minimum 
04. File types accepted: PDF | TIFF | PSD | JPEG | AI 
05. Needs 1/2 inch extra background color/art if no white border is selected (full bleed) 

Proofing Information

A digital proof will be sent to you for your approval before printing via email 24-72 hours after ordering during normal business days highlighting exactly where your sticker will be cut, scored, or punched with color coded lines. [color lines on proof will not print on final sticker]

*Proof must be approved before printing begins*

Helpful Resources for Everybody

Like Sunblock For Your Sticker:
Both our Coatings Block UV Rays!
Made to SLAP:
in the most prime of places