Giclée Printing

Close up of Cold Press Watercolor Texture, Artwork by John Setzer

Cold Press Watercolor Prints

Take your digital prints up a notch with some texture! This paper lives up to its name having the look and feel of a traditional cold press watercolor paper. (a slightly lighter feel than arches cold press in the green block) Being our most popular...
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Close up of Rough Watercolor Texture, Artwork by Jordan Ocello

Rough Watercolor Prints

Reformulated to be more scratch resistant!  Rough Watercolor is named after its traditional watercolor paper counterpart. This paper's high texture gives it a distinct look and feel of a traditional media paper all while maintaining great color...
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Up close texture image of true watercolor paper

True Watercolor Prints

Traditional Look and feel of your Favorite watercolor papers!  Our newest Giclée paper adds a medium-high cold press watercolor texture for those looking to bump up the texture while maintaining durability of their prints. This paper...
Velvet Rag Texture, Artwork by Leigh Cox

Velvet Rag Prints

Velvet rag is just as smooth as it sounds, this paper has the slightest cotton rag texture and prints beautifully smooth and matte making the pigment look velvety to the touch. Perfectly suited for multiple styles of artwork, from digital to impasto oil...
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