Prints FAQ

What is the difference between the three paper options?
We have three different paper options.
The rough watercolor is a high textured, more natural toned watercolor paper that does have a risk of scratching. We love this paper and consider it our best option but it is a little delicate.
The cold press watercolor is a low texture watercolor paper that is not a true white but pretty close. This is our most popular option because it is closest to what people generally paint on.
The velvet rag is a smooth paper that still has a slight texture but it is not very noticeable. This paper is great for fine art or digital prints that require a smooth look.
Which one should I order?
We recommend choosing the paper closest to what you work on, or what you prefer. We have seen some amazing work printed on all the options so it is really just up to you on what you think your work would be best. If you still aren’t sure, you are more than welcome to email us and ask our opinion!
I am concerned about my colors looking right, what can I do to insure the best possible outcome?
If you have an original painting, then just send us a picture along with the scanned files! Our screens and printer are calibrated with each other so what we see on screen is what gets printed. We can also send you the ICC profile of your preferred paper and you can check it out for yourself.
I feel like the price point is high for prints, what price can I sell these for?
Since they are archival giclee prints, these guys are worth more than your average laser print! Our prints last a lifetime and you can sell them as such. For example, an 11″x14″ should not be sold under $20 per print (giving you a $15.90 profit per print if you chose cold press!).
What does archival mean?
It means our prints last over 200 years! Our inks don’t deteriorate or fade over a short amount of time, which is a larger risk when you order cheaper laser prints. We put quality first, only the best for our clients!
How long do non-rush print orders take?
Our print turn time is 5-7 business days, which does not include shipping times. If you have a need by date please mark that on the form.

Sticker FAQ

What are the difference in coatings?
We can do gloss, matte, or uncoated. The gloss is the most popular option, since it is commonly used in stickers from all companies. The matte is a silky matte, more like a satin than paper. The uncoated is more paper-y, which is great for box labels or if you are going to be writing on it.
Can you guys add on my Instagram/social media handle?
Sure can! Just indicate that in the Anything Else? section of the form.
I don’t know if my sheet has enough gaps between each design for the bleed, how can I check?
Pull out the ruler on your software and make sure there is at least 1/4″ between each design. There needs to be a .125″ bleed on the inside and outside of each design. Our cutter is good but there needs to be some margin incase it decides to cut slightly off.
Can I get regular shapes too?
Yes! We can cut these stickers into just about any shape. We can even do interior cut outs if you would like, just let us know! Please note, interior cut outs are available on stickers 4″ or larger.
Will the stickers cut right to the edge of the design?
No, we need a .125″ interior bleed on all stickers. If you want the background to bleed to the edge, it needs to extend past the design.
Will the stickers last outside?
Yes! Our sticker materials can withstand weather/outside for 7+ years! They are thicker than normal paper stickers since we only print on vinyl, which also means they are tougher.
Can I do the same design but multiple colors?
Yes! Our pricing is based on the die line, so say you want to do your logo or flash piece but in 5 different color schemes then we can do that! Just indicated how many of each color scheme you want to do in the Anything Else? section of the form. If the die line changes then we have to charge each set individually.
I’m not sure if I want to spend a lot of money, can I order a small amount?
Yes! We have low minimum so you can try it out. We also charge only based on dieline, so if the final shape is the same you can combo designs for the listed price. For example, you could do different colors of a design and get it bundled in a higher count price, or you could do a variety of circle stickers!
How long do sticker orders take?
Our sticker turn time is 7-10 business days, which does not apply to shipping times. There are no rush options for stickers due to the printing process, but if you need them rush shipped then please indicate that in the Anything Else? section of the form.

Misc FAQs

I don’t see the size or quantity of the items I want on your website, can you guys do custom sizes and quantities?
Yes!! We can do just about any size or quantity for any of our products. Just fill out the form with exactly what you want. If you need a quote before hand, just indicate that in the Anything Else? section and Kat will let you know how much the project is going to cost. If you can kind of estimate based on our listed prices and are cool with it, then we will just send you an invoice and get started! Please keep in mind we do honor minimums, anything smaller than 18″x24″ prints require a 10 print minimum per design, and all stickers have a minimum of 20. Business card minimums vary by finishing options so please visit the business card page for more details.
What file types do you accept?
We prefer high res PDFs, but we accept PSD, AI, JPEG, and TIFF. PNG files tend to not print well and are not accepted in the file uploader on our forms so if you have a PNG please email it directly to us. If you are sending digital artwork, the PSD or AI file is best!
I don’t have the ability to design my project (i.e. flyers or business cards) can you guys design it for me?
The short answer is no. While we don’t mind helping there is a lot of back and forth with design work that eats up a lot of time. It is just two of us here so we have to spend our time wisely. If you know exactly what font you want and how you want the layout done, then we can whip something up but you will have to provide us with at least a sketch. Design time over 30 minutes is subject to the $65 per hour fee.
I saw a cool promo project elsewhere online, can you guys help me make it happen?
Yes! If we can’t do it, chances are we know someone who can. We do our best to make all of your dreams come true.
How fast can my project get done?
If you are in a hurry, PLEASE INDICATE THAT ON THE FORM. Not all jobs qualify for rush, and a lot of times people mark rush but it isn’t a rush. We take pride in getting stuff done as quick as we possibly can for our clients, without losing quality.
What do the different rush options mean?
The 24hr and 48hr rush apply to the turn time, not shipping time. If you need them rush shipped as well you will have to pay for rush shipping. Rush times only apply to shop business days which is Tuesday-Friday, they do not apply for Saturday-Monday and the rush cut off time is 4pm. We absolutely do not print over the weekend! Please note there are limits on how much you can order on rush, 24hr rush is no more than 50 total prints and 48hr rush is no more than 100 total prints. We are only two people so some things are just out of our limits. Feel free to email us if you have any concerns on an order or potential order.
Can you guys do shirts?
Yes! Although we only recommend this for local clients because shipping shirts gets very expensive.
Breathe. Just email us directly and we will guide you every step of the way. When in doubt, just email us!
What’s the best way to get a hold of you guys?
EMAIL! The shop phone number doesn’t link to anyone’s phone anymore and instagram messages get lost in the shuffle.